MARCH 13, 2020
2019 Winners: Who Won Best and Most Engaging Client Creative at BBTCA?
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In this edition, we announce the winners of the 2019 BBTCA Creative Competition, which were the top performing ads according to our data scoring system.
Like to win? Whether we want to admit it or not, everyone appreciates receiving accolades—especially for work recognized for reaching a target audience with accuracy. Not only should we all be striving for that kind of tactical precision, but shouldn't we be pushing the limits of possibilities in order to surpass client expectations, and inspire creative that viscerally moves people and evokes interaction as well? Yes.
The secret to success? Understanding what resonates with your audience and create something that people want to interact with. There are two big mistakes to be made when creating effective DOOH; the first is to focus on tech—don't get so caught up in the technical capabilities of DOOH that you miss the big picture. The second? The mistake of simply taking a print ad and putting it on a digital sign—you may as well flush your money down the drain. Make the medium work for you—rethink imagery, motion, and data to capture your viewers’ attention. Good creative executions still follow form=function—make your money work harder by understanding the power of DOOH.
#1 rule of thumb? As always, ensure you have a strong creative concept—no matter what the medium. Understand how DOOH can cut through the clutter by directly engaging your target audience: by combining a strong creative concept with tech and measurement. If you follow this combination, you will create something truly unique and effective. Next year, you'll be at the top of this list of winners!
Who made the cut this year? Creative based on great ideas with beautiful executions that have tapped into the strategic power and impact of DOOH.
How were our winners determined? We processed the raw facial recognition and eye hover data from cameras mounted on our BBTCA displays to score the best performing creative which ran in 2019 at BBTCA. Take a look at how we do it.
Here’s the highest scoring creative in each category—congrats to all the winners!:
Most Impactful Creative
Ranking determined by data showing how many times the ad was viewed relative to the number of times it was played.
Winner: Polestar
Polestar creatives successfully used artistic motion and stunning photography to capture viewers’ attention, introducing this innovative electric performance car to the marketplace. An energetic play of black and white imagery juxtaposed with flashing bright colour effectively showcased the sophisticated and sleek design of the new Polestar 2 sedan. High impact messaging, via striking typography and infographics, also helped direct audience attention to the atrium where people could have first-hand interaction with this new car within an experiential display. Great use of DOOH best practices definitely paid off here with top scores and effectiveness.
Most Engaging Creative
Ranking determined by data showing average length of time people viewed the ad.
Winner: Neo Exchange
This imaginative execution of dynamic typography mixed playful motion with bright bursts of colour. Typical of NEO’s abstract approach to creative strategy, the brilliant ad spots literally collide smart, strategic statements with tiny, yellow and pink bursts of shiny plastic beads. The ads captivated viewers alike a digital art exhibit of motion. It’s easy to see how this creative arrested audiences’ attention for the longest length of time, as the approach made viewers not want to miss what was coming next.
Best Storytelling Campaign
Ranking determined by a combination of impact and engagement data from creative running throughout the airport.
Winner: MIDO
Mido captured the top spot in this category for the second consecutive year! Mido once again utilized motion picture treatments of photography and movement to create 15 seconds spots reminiscent of Mission Impossible scenes, capturing big scores in our storytelling category. The approach and tone engaged the audience with slick short story movie clips, fully captivating their affluent target with their luxury Swiss brand sophistication. Can’t wait to see what they do in 2020!
Best Use of Best Practices
Ranking determined by a combination of impact and engagement data, based on use of BBTCA Best Practices.
Winner: JennAir
JennAir’s creative this year simply took all of our Best Practices and combined them to produce the most visually stunning creative of 2019. They are the only client that successfully meshed all of the most effective tools—movement integration, contrasting elements, legibility, clear branding, and simplicity. Their use of alluring full-motion product photography, combined with modern typography and visually artistic messaging, produced the most stylish and sophisticated spots in our client portfolio for the year. Yes, I would coin it #applianceporn, undoubtedly—they had their target audience salivating to re-do their kitchen ASAP.
Want to know more about our best practices for DOOH? Take a look.
Best use of the Escalator Screens
Ranking determined by data combining scores of impact and engagement on Features DDM at BBTCA.
Winner: Apple
It was very interesting to see Apple adapt their usual static creative to include rotating messaging and motion in this escalator experience. Receiving our highest score on this 20 screen multiple-execution feature, Apple utilized colourful moving publication covers with clever rotating messaging to clearly showcase the convenience of this product—throughout the escalator journey. Apple’s always-simple mantra, mixed with a sprinkle of motion, produced high-engagement magic here.
Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all of our clients for their support and hard work in 2018. We appreciate your business and look forward to the future.
As DOOH is again, different from other media and requires a dedicated strategy and approach, we hope our insights and data facilitate a better understanding of creative performance. We welcome all clients to learn more about our CRC data capabilities and tools and how our team can engage with your brand to help ensure you reach your target market and gain optimal effectiveness. As more exciting data comes forth outlining the subliminal and emotional value of digital-out-of-home, we look forward to what 2020 brings our clients and BBTCA.
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