MAY 8, 2018
Full motion DOOH: It’s not brain surgery – it’s neuroscience!
Welcome to the BLACK Letter,
a quarterly update on trends and topics in advertising. In this edition, recent research shows how full motion DOOH can affect brand building and amplify online advertising.
Last year BLACK introduced our Creative Report Card tool which measures the relative impact and engagement of client campaigns at Billy Bishop Airport. Using data derived from all the campaigns run on our screens equipped with cameras and facial recognition software last year, we were able to make recommendations to our clients as to what works best in DOOH. Our most important finding was that full motion DOOH vastly improves impact and engagement over static signage.
Some recent research conducted in Britain now tells us why!
Recently, British OOH company Ocean Outdoor partnered with the research firm NeuroInsight to study what it takes for advertising to capture attention and elicit a positive emotion. What they found was particularly exciting for us and our own research specifically because they discovered full motion DOOH:
  • Is two and a half times more impactful than static signage, and delivers a powerful emotional experience
  • Is comparable to television in its brand building impact
  • Amplifies online impact of short form video content
  • Unsurprisingly, online Video content performs better on DOOH
You can see the report here
For the full suite of Ocean's Neuroscience Research go here
Most importantly, this research discovered that the pathway to increasing sales is utilizing DOOH to gain attention, elicit emotion and form brand memory—positively affecting purchase behaviour. There is even a video to prove the point
If you'd like to learn more about our Creative Report Card and test your DOOH creative, you can download our one-page explainer
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