DECEMBER 15, 2017
Three reasons why, when it comes to audience, quality beats quantity
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In just about any setting, you're likely to value quality over quantity.
Yet when it comes to marketing, the dial is set to 11 for quantity. More followers! More impressions! More reach! But more is not necessarily better. In the past year, we've started to see a shift in all forms of media and communications, including marketing, away from the numbers game back toward quality.
Observing how professionals in the news business, the social media realm and adtech view the push-pull between scale and substance is instructive when it comes to evaluating Digital Out-of-Home audiences. Here are three perspectives on why, when choosing KPIs, knowing you're reaching the right people in a meaningful way is the better choice than reaching ALL. THE. PEOPLE.
The newsmedia perspective: Pivot to readers (aka, audience)
Digital publishing offers excellent insights when it comes to quality over quantity. The industry is in the throes of such an identity crisis, it led The Atlantic to publish an article titled, "How to Survive the Media Apocalypse." Yikes.
The biggest problem? The entire industry has been chasing audience at the expense of its purpose: serving readers. Or, as The Atlantic puts it, "they chased viral trends and search-engine optimization to grow monthly visitor figures at the expense of reporting . . . Too many sites chased scale for the sake of scale alone, which led to the growth of insouciant meme merchants."
The adtech perspective: Focus on the individual
Programmatic advertising bears an alluring promise: the ability to hypertarget individuals. As this thought piece in AdExchanger posits: "Just like our fingerprints, no two personalities are identical . . . the only solution moving forward is to focus on the individual – not the audience."
While the mechanics of programmatically buying digital ad space are different from the DOOH process, there are insights to be gained from that industry's point of view. Chiefly, by seeking out insight-rich KPIs over ones that require scale, you'll gather the right data.
The social media perspective: Stay focussed
Regardless of media, trying to reach all people corrodes the ability to stay focussed and make meaningful connections with those who matter. This is a conclusion The Economist recently drew when it drastically scaled back its social media frequency.
"We had a hunch that we were wasting time churning out tweets," community editor Denise Law told Digiday. Now, the publisher focuses on being "being lean, efficient and high quality, you can't do that when you're writing 15 tweets per article."
It's not just publishers with this view. As Diane Leone, founder and digital media strategist for Butterfly Social, told Entrepreneur, "If you try to spread yourself thin, whether it's across all social media platforms or trying to get huge quantities of followers, how will you engage with all of them effectively?"
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