Engage a Captive and Coveted Audience


You’re planning a campaign for affluent Canadians. You know they’re a discerning group. Getting through to them requires something fresh, something smart, something innovative.

What you need is something your audience has never experienced before.

Take a look at our passenger experience and see for yourself how BBTCA is unique to any other airport experience in Canada

Create a brand experience to impress and engage the affluent traveller


We are committed to providing a world-class travel experience at BBTCA. Our digital, experiential and traditional offerings engage travellers, providing a relaxed, informed and enjoyable airport journey. We invite you to be a part of this experience, by creating awe-inspiring brand advertising featuring our 30-foot long “skyline” digital screens, touch-screen walls, brand displays/kiosks and other customer intercepts. What’s more, you can increase passenger engagement by leveraging our WiFi sponsorships. Together, you’ll get a collection of advertiser benefits you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Take advantage of our story-telling capabilities, presenting your brand narrative across multiple screens to keep your audience engaged,
  • Utilize dynamic creative programming to customize your message, in real-time, to the current weather, time of day, or any other data-driven factor,
  • Create an immersive brand experience by integrating our digital displays with traditional vinyl wraps and clings,
  • Track the effectiveness of your campaign with detailed metrics and reporting.

With DOOH’s technical and creative capabilities, it’s easy to see why it’s competing for the top in the all-screen market—isn’t it time to take advantage of this trend?

If you’re looking to reach affluent Canadians, you can’t beat BBTCA. It offers the most distinct, convenient and efficient airport experience in the country. The vast majority of travellers live in Canada (87%) and come from households with high incomes. They’re thought leaders, early adopters, innovators and decision makers. As a group, they’re growing.

Here are some stats on this high-value audience:


Household Income Over $100,000


Business Travellers


Frequent Travellers, Two or More Times/Year


Noticed an OOH Ad in the Past Week

Over 3,000,000 Expected Passengers in 2020

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